Traditional Sand Cement Screeds

Laid semi dry, can be plant batched ready mixed or site mixed. Typically reinforced with polypropylene fibres, however steel mesh is still occasionally specified.

Modified Sand Cement Screeds

Quick drying – chemical additives and water reducing agents such as Knopp Contopp 10 can be used to significantly reduce the typical drying time and allow underfloor heating to be commissioned earlier.

Higher strength – chemical additives such as Duremit 50 can increase the strength over unmodified standard sand cement screeds, typically reaching strengths of C40.

SBR screed – the addition of Styrene Butadiene Co-polymer that increases strength, flexibility, water permeability and durability of traditional screeds.

Liquid / Free Flowing Screeds

Typically Calcium Sulphate based screeds, laid in a thinner section than traditional screeds, with a dapple finish allowing areas of approximately 1000m² to be installed in a single day.

Specialist Screeds

Special cements including hydraulic binders can significantly reduce the drying time of screed to enable floor finishes to be installed sooner. It is possible to install these screeds and lay vinyl floor finishes the following day. This type of screed can also enable underfloor heating systems to be commissioned earlier.

Structural Screeds

High strength screeds to engineered specifications from proprietary manufacturers.

Typically installed using a concrete pump however eliminates the need for power floating.

Screed strengths to 35N/mm² at 28 days.


SoundBar screed is designed specifically to be used as part of the Soundbar system, for use over timber joists both in masonry and timber framed designs. The system can be used in both commercial and residential projects and is ideally suited were improved acoustic, loading and durability are required.


Gyvlon Thermoplane is a specially formulated blend of calcium sulphate screed binder, sand, clean water and special additives to produce a highly fluid, thermally efficient flowing screed.

Due to its formulation and additives, Gyvlon Thermoplane achieves a higher than standard strength of C35/F7 making it ideal for use over suitably engineered timber joists, providing a concrete feel to the floor and allowing the Thermoplane pipes to be placed in thermally efficient screed rather than the beneath inefficient timber.


Thermal insulation from leading manufacturers of  Mineral Wool, Polystyrene, Extruded Polyethylene, Polyisocyanurate (PIR) and Phenolic board.

Acoustic insulation systems with robust detail approval or for PCT. Including Extruded Polyethylene, Rubber Crumb (sheet / rolls) and PUR foam.

Gas Barriers and Damp Proof Membranes

Proprietary branded Gas resistant systems including Radon, Carbon dioxide, methane, Geo and Eco membranes. The full system including all taped joints to manufacturer’s instructions.

Various thicknesses of surface applied DPM including polythene

Slip membranes and Vapour barriers.

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